Software Devlopment.

Revolutionizing Software and Web Development Solutions

Businesses nowadays confront a variety of difficulties that might impede their development and success in the digital era. However, these difficulties may be addressed with the appropriate technological solutions. Herein lies the role of Aidbs Technology. Aidbs Technology, a market…

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PCI Attestation of Compliance (AoC)?

It became mandatory for businesses that accept card payments to adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in order to prevent security breaches and avoid costly fines. For instance, a recent data breach at Wawa resulted…

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Aidbs Backup Solution

Protecting Your Business Against Data Loss.

Data is the lifeblood of enterprises in the contemporary digital era. Data is a vital asset that must always be protected, from crucial financial records and customer information to proprietary software and intellectual property. In order to ensure business continuity…

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browser fingerprinting

How does browser fingerprinting work?

Websites utilise a potent technique called “browser fingerprinting” to track your operating system, current plugins, time zone, language, screen resolution, and a number of other active settings. The add-ons you add to your Chrome browser can identify you because they…

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email large File

How to email large files privately

There are file size restrictions in messengers, social networks, file exchangers, and emails if you need to send someone a large file, say one that weighs 40 GB. Not to add that sending your paper over email opens it up…

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AI Image Design

Is Photoshop obsolete?

Imagine having the ability to flawlessly enhance any image according to your exact preferences. Now, achieving that level of perfection is as easy as a simple drag and drop, thanks to an AI innovation called DragGAN: 🏌 A team of…

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Disk Error

Disk space error by vim

If you Getting DISK SPACE error while openig your file by Vim Editter. “There is not enough space in the file system.[Press return to continue]“and you know that you have space in your home directory, than simply use this commandin…

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Conver Text to HTMl

Convert Text to Html

Convert your text file to html in Linux by Command line.text file to html. Create a file named txt2htmlwith the following contents Always start the output with an HTML header BEGIN    {print “<html>”print “<head>” use the name of the…

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Change Date and time

Modifies files date and times

Changing the date & time of files.To Make a file look older.Use the touch -t option to change the timestamp of a file with a single command is: # touch -t ccyymmddhhMMSS filename You can manipulate the timings ofyour files using this…

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